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Our team of knowledgeable professionals brings expert resources to all facets of our property management service. Our success is directly attributable to providing superior customer service, exceptional value and dedicated employees who recognize the significance of protecting our clients most important investment.

Our Property Management Service:

• Assist the client in a competitive bidding process for non-emergency services, and provide input in selection of contractors and in developing contract specifications.

• Direct contractors providing recurring services, and monitor specific contractor performance to ensure substantial compliance with contract specifications.

• Perform regular site inspections in order to maintain a superior knowledge of the condition of the property and performance of the client’s contractors.

• Obtain from each contractor relevant certificates of insurance.

• Receive service requests for repairs or maintenance of property and report trends in service request to client.

• Advise client of major problems or trends in maintenance service requests as they occur.

• Handle any problem which may arise on a responsive individual basis.

• Arrange for prompt and satisfactory response to emergency service requests.

Our maintenance division not only offers services to our residents and clients, but we offer “Exceptional Personal Service” to anyone who needs quality services for their home, office, or commercial property, including landscaping services.

Our maintenance division is a Network of General Contractors specializing in commercial and residential maintenance repairs and renovations. We offer quality workmanship at very competitive prices. Serving Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Our maintenance division is an industry leader. Our network of professionals has over 100 years of experience, allowing us to offer expertise in:

• Total renovations for office or residential
• Heating and air system installation and repairs
• Plumbing services
• Electrical
• Painting and drywall repairs
• Floor covering installations
• Carpentry
• Interior and exterior repairs
• General maintenance labor
• Kitchen and bathroom renovations
• Fire, flood, wind damage and all insurance jobs.
• Clean-Outs
• Pool and scrap removal
• Routine check ups
• Document management

Our Network of certified technicians are licensed, bonded, fully insured and have met the EPA requirements for HVAC and refrigeration repairs/recovery. All at affordable prices.

Badger Realty and Property Management will be first responders when winter is bearing down. Our team will dispatch when the New England weather hits hardest.

We will plow, shovel, sand and/or salt when the time is right, whatever it takes to help you and your clients weather the storm.

Enjoy your nice warm home let us take care of the snow removal!

Relax and enjoy the Spring, Summer and Fall knowing Badger Realty Lawn Care Division is hard at work maintaining your lawn, and keeping your property looking great.

Our Lawn Service will:

• Maintain Landscape with scheduled cuttings
• Weed whack and trim where needed
• Blow and sweep sidewalks and driveways
• Provide additional services upon request

All at an affordable price